On Thursday, March 31 at the Paradigm Award Luncheon, the Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce recognized an extraordinary leader in our region as the Paradigm Award honoree: Emily L. Bittenbender, Managing Partner, Bittenbender Construction, LP.

The Paradigm Award is the most prestigious award for businesswomen in the region, and is presented annually to distinguished professionals recognized for their commitment to women and future generations. Emily’s achievements are already numerous and impressive, but she demonstrated her unmistakable deservedness in her acceptance speech:

“To be given the Paradigm award is so fitting. A Paradigm is a new way of looking, feeling or thinking about something. Our Bittenbender tag line is: Changing the way you think about construction.”

Emily goes on to credit her success to those who took a chance on her in the past, and urges those to do the same for the next generation:

“…How do you possibly thank someone who changed your entire path…your entire life… You can’t. The only thing you can do is you do it for someone else.”

Read Emily’s full acceptance speech and view photos from the event.

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