Submitted by: Anthony A.Clifton, Principal, AAC Holdings LLC

The Scenario:

  • The Good Old Days – are over
  • Competition – is fiercer
  • Sales – are tougher to close
  • Talent – is harder to find
  • Capital Financing – is abundant yet, strangely, still scarce
  • Bank Financing – the money is there, yes, but the terms…hmmm
  • Regulation and taxes – constantly growing and slowing you down
  • Time – The Biggest Enemy…goes too fast
  • …and yet you always say when asked, “Business is just great!”

The Truth: Business is hard, tough, challenging, frustrating, unpredictable and more. At times, it’s even chaotic! Right?

Enter from Stage Left – A Business Advisor…

“So, my friend, how’s business?” he asks.

You say (wait for it!)… “Great!”…and you smile like The Cheshire Cat, all the while thinking quietly to yourself, “Why do I need this guy??”

Why indeed. Let’s see. The Business Advisor then asks you lots of questions, like:

Let’s start with you – yes, you. Because it all begins and ends…with you. Right?

Where are you on the happiness scale of excellent (5) to poor (1), right now?

Where would you like to be?

What would it take to get there?

How do you feel at this moment – energized and passionately engaged in your work….or would a good long nap on a couch be good?

How is your diet? Are you eating junk or eating right? What does that mean? If you are what you eat and drink, are you eating and drinking right?

Do you exercise, other than to get up and sit down in a chair or lie down on a bed?

What’s your weight, given your age, height, and lifestyle?

How is your weight – too high, too low or about right?

Do you know your BMI (Body Mass Index) – or even what that is? Ever heard of the Glycemic Index?

How’s your personal life? How is your family and social life on a scale of excellent (5) to poor (1)?

How much time do have allow yourself for family – wife and kids in particular?

How much do you love your career so far?

If you don’t love your present professional life, what would you like to do about that? What would it take?

Are you climbing a career mountain with the right mountain gear? They say oxygen gets pretty thin the higher you go…so where’s your extra oxygen supply?

Where are you now on the risk scale – low, mid-point, or up top? Does where you are and want to be intuitively make sense to you?

How are you seen by your peers, your subordinates, your supervisor ( if you have one) and your clients? Is what they see what they het?

The Facts: Unless you can answer every question above, could it be that now is the time to sit down with that Business Advisor and take a long hard look at who and what you are, what you are or are not doing, and what you need to be and to do to be more effective in your business?

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