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By Paul Mazzucco, Chief Security Officer, TierPoint

Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) is huge in business IT these days. It is the changing face of corporate workstation infrastructure and it’s also out of control.

I mean that literally: the majority of businesses do not currently control BYOD access and device usage with adequate security safeguards. Consider:

  1. 90% of IT professionals involved with mobile device management, policy development or security support are developing such policies
  2. And yet 90% also say they do not have the capability to stop employees using their personal mobile devices to access enterprise systems

Complicating the problem: most companies seriously miscalculate their risk because they consider only the device, not the server or application infrastructure as well. Many companies can’t even identify what mobile devices are on their networks, much less what’s being accessed or changed. Only 32% of organizations worldwide even conduct security audits of systems being accessed by employee devices!

Add to this the fear and reluctance many employees have in letting IT Security have access to their devices for the sake of security and you can easily see the uphill battle we are facing.

Every business is a potential target

Miscalculated risk and inadequate security controls, in turn, leave companies vulnerable to hackers and insiders alike, with security issues ranging from data leakage and insider attacks to malware and intrusion (like the epic hacks that hit