The Chamber of Commerce for Greater Philadelphia submitted the following testimony on City Council Resolution 150072, which authorized the creation of a “Special Committee on Energy Opportunities for Philadelphia,” to continue to investigate the potential to establish the City of Philadelphia and the region as an energy hub. A hearing was held on Friday, March 13th to discuss more about the ways that Philadelphia can become an energy hub. Below is the testimony:

Statement of Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce President & CEO Rob Wonderling on City Council Resolution 150072          

 March 13, 2015  

City Council should be commended for holding public hearings to fully explore opportunities to establish the Philadelphia region as an energy hub.


As Council hears testimony today from witnesses interested in creating public—private partnerships to further the goal of creating an energy hub in Philadelphia, the Chamber of Commerce for Greater Philadelphia would like to explain its own ongoing work to make that important strategic goal a reality.


Under  the leadership of Philip L. Rinaldi, Principal Partner and CEO of Philadelphia Energy Solutions, and the leadership of other energy-related entities, the Chamber has developed the Greater Philadelphia Energy Action Team (GPEAT), which is working to increase the supply of natural gas and natural gas liquids to the City of Philadelphia and to southeastern Pennsylvania. Increasing the supply of natural gas to the region will enable downstream growth in industries like the chemical and petrochemical industries as well as other heavy energy-consumers, like power plants and advance manufacturers. The southeast region of Pennsylvania needs to enhance its access to Marcellus shale gas by increasing pipeline capacity from the shale resources in western and northeastern Pennsylvania.


Adding additional pipeline capacity will allow more natural gas and gas liquids to flow into Greater Philadelphia – which will provide a strong, competitive advantage to chemical and petrochemical companies already here – and to those considering locating new facilities here. An expanded pipeline capacity = more jobs in Philadelphia.


City Council can and should use its authority to convene citizens and stakeholders to consider the expansion of our pipeline capacity to  Philadelphia, and work with the business community and these stakeholders to approve any legislative steps as needed to make this a reality.


The Chamber supports considering innovative financing models to facilitate the investment in expanded pipeline capacity and to support the development of other energy-related