Mayoral Candidates Outline Their Plans to Grow Philadelphia’s Economy

We received answers from mayoral candidates to a questionnaire that asked them to detail how they plan to create jobs and accelerate growth in Philadelphia. Lynne Abraham, Nelson Diaz, Jim Kenney, Doug Oliver and Sen. Tony Williams all provided responses. The goal of the initiative, part of the Roadmap for Growth campaign, is to educate the Philadelphia business community and other stakeholders within Philadelphia about the mayoral candidates’ economic growth agenda for the city. The candidates’ answers are available at

The Questions for the Candidates

  1. How many net new jobs will you create in your first term? How will you work with the business community to create them?
  1. How would you assist sole proprietors to grow into small enterprises and increase employment? Please provide a specific example of how you would do so.
  1. Specifically, how would you create efficiencies in Philadelphia’s operating budget and reform the cost structure of municipal government?
  1. How do you view the mayor’s role in creating a well-educated workforce? How do you specifically plan to carry out that vision?
  1. How do you view Philadelphia’s competitive standing compared to other cities with regard to taxes, regulations and job creation? How would you improve our city’s competitiveness as Mayor?

“We are very pleased to receive response from all of the mayoral candidates and have read them with great interest,” said Rob Wonderling, President and CEO of the Chamber. We think it is important for all Philadelphia citizens and businesses to know how each candidates intends to improve Philadelphia’s economy and workforce.”

Below are links to their responses and excerpts from each candidate:

  • Lynne Abraham: “We need to instill in government — in the Mayor’s office and every department — a new culture of service that recognizes that the public must be served and part of the business of government is to nurture the businesses that generate jobs. Streamlining the approval and permitting process is essential to this effort.”