Below is prepared GPCC Board Member Dan Calista’s testimony on City Council Bill No. 141026, which would require employers with 10 or more employees to provide mandatory paid sick leave. Dan Calista, who served as co-lead for the Mayor’s Task Force on Paid Sick Leave, delivered this testimony at a City Council committee hearing on Tuesday, February 3rd.


Testimony by Dan Calista

2014 Co-lead of Mayor’s Task Force on Paid Sick Leave

On City Council Bill 141026

February 3, 2015


Good afternoon Councilwoman Tasco and members of the Public Health and Human Services Committee.


I am Dan Calista, a tax‐paying, resident of Philadelphia, business owner, and entrepreneur. I am proud my company offers paid sick time. Today, most relevantly, I am before you as the co‐lead of the Mayor’s Task Force on Paid Sick Leave. Thank you for having me.


Task Force Final Report, December 2014

The twenty‐six (26) page Task Force report in which we met more than twenty (20) times. We worked hard. The Task Force was comprised from various backgrounds. All of us, took long hours out of our work and personal schedules to contribute. The hundreds of hours of work to diligently make recommendations reflecting a compromise from opposing points of view, yet united in the intention of a healthy and vibrant Philadelphia community and because the Task Force felt feel Paid Sick Leave is an important issue. I believe City Council should do more to represent the recommendations of the Task Force.


I have read the February 2nd draft of Proposed Amendments to Bill No. 141026. While substantial, well-intentioned thought and improvements have gone into it, I believe the legislation as currently proposed is not ready to go to work. It is not 100% ready. There are serious symptoms that this legislation, must be rehabilitated before going to work for the people of Philadelphia. It has been a long journey. There is more to do. I will be specific because details are important.


Summary of Issues to Resolve

  1. Definitions of Employee and Employer
  1. Use of Paid Sick Time


Proposed Amendments to Bill No. 141026


94103 Definitions:


(3) “Employee”: No mention of Part‐time employees.


Task Force (Exemptions p. 22): “Part‐time employees working on average less than 15 hours per week over a 90‐day period.”


Issue to Resolve – Employers should be encouraged to offer at least minimum part‐time jobs to employees in order to create jobs that can lead to fulltime employment.


(4) “Employer”: “…except that an employer that employs fewer than ten (10) employees…”

Legislation: Fewer than ten (10) employees for at least forty weeks in a calendar year


Task Force (p. 22): “Employers with 15 or more employees a