Submitted by: Mark Mehler of Synergetic Sound + Lighting

Synergetic_Crystal_Tea_Room_00049Technology advances faster than most of us can keep pace with. Whether you have recently purchased a new smart phone, laptop, or television, chances are manufacturers have created a newer model before you’ve even made the purchase.

In the A/V Industry, we must keep up with the latest technology and product releases to determine which emerging product will truly have a long-lasting impact. Think about VHS versus BETA!

While the use of video at a meeting, event, or conference is nothing new, the technology behind the video and images does change. For many years, the use of projectors for video playback, IMAG (Image Magnification), and live stream have been the “go to” for event professionals coordinating large scale meetings and conferences. Two, three, and four screen setups required the flying of large projectors, edge blending, and quite a bit of space depending on projector location.

So, where has the industry evolved?

LED video walls are truly making an impact on the industry. For years, only the largest productions have had the budget for this technology. However, competition and more cost effective manufacturers, along with advancements in technology, have made them more affordable and an ideal solution for even a 20-attendee event.

From small, intimate concerts with ambient video backdrops, to product launch parties with tens of thousands of attendees requiring IMAG, the LED Wall can make a dramatic impact on your presentations, videos, and imaging. With a little creativity and technical direction, these versatile panels can be placed into a number of configurations to suit your event and design.