Submitted by: Katherine Goode, Kleinbard Bell & Becker

Kleinbard recently celebrated the Firm’s 75th anniversary with a cocktail reception for clients, staff and friends at the Four Seasons Hotel, Philadelphia.  The celebration included a short program during which Managing Partners Howard Davis and David Hyman spoke honoring the Firm’s past, highlighting successes and valued client relationships and outlined the Firm’s plans for the future.

Managing Partner, Howard Davis, a member of the Firm for over 30 years, honored the Firm’s 75 years of legal service in Philadelphia focusing on the Firm’s longstanding client relationships and the Firm’s successes both historic and recent.

Davis said “Over the past 75 years, we have proudly represented thousands of middle market and Fortune 1000 companies in critical deals, litigations and compliance issues.  While our practices have evolved over the years to meet the needs of our clients, what has remained constant is our ability to combine technical legal advice with practical business judgment.  That recipe has always kept us focused on our clients’ goals and enabled us to earn their trust.”

The program continued with Managing Partner, David Hyman, introducing a partnership between Kleinbard and the Waring Elementary School launching a second grade student reading program with the goal of helping young public school students improve their reading abilities.

Hyman said “We are committed Philadelphia citizens. As part of that commitment, we recognize the need to support the City’s public school system.  Historically, Kleinbard lawyers and staff have been individually involved in a wide variety of nonprofit and civic causes. At this moment in our history, we want to commit to a community effort as a team. We look forward to working with the students, teachers and staff at the Waring School to achieve improved reading skills and a love for books.”

Kleinbard and the Waring School will start the program with an orientation for Kleinbard employees at the Firm’s office led by Waring School Principal, Brianna Dunn, and teacher, Lisa Glaser. The reading program will take place at Kleinbard’s center city office every other Wednesday and will include 45 minutes of Kleinbard attorneys and staff reading with Waring School second graders. On alternate weeks, Kleinbard employees will travel to the school to read to second graders at the school site. Waring School Principal Brianna Dunn said, “Time on task with an adult is the biggest gain for students.”

Kleinbard and members of the Waring School teachin