The Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce (the Chamber) in partnership with Councilwoman Maria Quiñones-Sanchez hosted its seventh Listening Tour session in the Roadmap for Growth campaign on Friday, November 21. Community groups, business associations, partner organizations and others discussed the best ideas to encourage economic growth and create jobs in Philadelphia. About 25 people attended Friday morning’s meeting at Esperanza College.


“Our Listening Tour in the Seventh Council District allowed us to interact with longtime community activists and small business owners, all of whom provided great insights about how to make Philadelphia a better place to do business,” said Joe Grace, Director of Public Policy for the Chamber. “We heard feedback about how government and small businesses can work more together and how government can better coordinate across departments to meet the needs of businesses and the community.”


Some of the suggestions from the meeting include:

-Adjusting City government’s power structure to allow the Managing Director more oversight over all operating departments to facilitate smoother business-related processes;
-Creating neighborhood hubs where people can conduct business instead of only offering services at the Municipal Services Building; and
-Easing the barriers and regulations for those who want to improve their neighborhoods and are willing to put in time, effort and resources.


“Having a continuous dialogue about what helps and hinders our small businesses and commercialcorridors is important to Philadelphia’s future economic growth,” said Councilwoman Sánchez. “We need to find better ways for government, nonprofits and businesses to work together to create jobs and improve our neighborhoods. The Roadmap for Growth campaign is a useful way for us to have this conversation.”


The Chamber is encouraging all citizens to engage in the online conversation about Philadelphia’s economy at Users can answer questions, participate in polls and provide input into what they think the