On Tuesday, April 15th — Tax Day — the Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce hosted a meeting and news conference to promote the Children’s Scholarship Fund Philadelphia.

The purpose was to inform business leaders and the media about $22 million in Pennsylvania tax credits still available to businesses through the Opportunity Scholarship Tax Credit Program (OSTC) to aid deserving students.

GPCC’s President & CEO, Rob Wonderling, gave an overview of the program, and John Stine of Grant Thornton provided a more detailed explanation of how the tax credit actually works. Read a news story about the event here.

Ina Lipman, executive director of Children’s Scholarship Fund Philadelphia (CSFP), said $22 million in state funding available through June 30 equates to 10,000 scholarships. It was also a step toward building a stronger workforce. “It will add to the vitality of the city,” Lipman said.

Nancy Britto, whose granddaughter benefited from the scholarship program, lauded CSFP for making tuition at private and parochial school education affordable for families who earn less than $30,000. Her granddaughter, Cache Whitaker, 22, is majoring in biology and medical technology at Millersville University – but she may stay longer than four years so she can complete a double-minor in chemistry and sociology.

“Don’t worry about when you get out,” Britto said, recalling a pep talk with her granddaughter. “Just keep on going. She really wants to be successful.”

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