Delaware’s Governor Jack Markell led a power line of Chilean & American superconductors at this year’s 16th Annual Chilean & American Chamber of Commerce Friend of Chile Award ceremonies.

The stately Bellevue Stratford ballroom was the perfect setting for this international gathering of business leaders, the maritime community and consular corps, who were also celebrating the Chamber’s 25th Anniversary.

“Governor Markell is an outstanding leader and accomplished business executive,” said Robert Palaima, president of the Chilean & American Chamber of Commerce of Greater Philadelphia. “The governor  effectively leverages the business-friendly climate in Delaware to promote trade and commercial relationships with the Republic of  Chile.”

“I’m honored to accept the Friend of Chile Award on behalf of so many people in Delaware who work so hard to enhance and nurture the relationship Delaware has with the people of Chile,” said Markell. “It means a lot to us on many levels. The people of Chile have become our friends, we help each other, and we see many positive benefits, especially economically in the Port of Wilmington. We’re creating a lot of jobs. It’s a win-win situation where what’s good for us is also good for the people of Chile.”

Traveling to Santiago and Valparaiso to sign a service agreement with Pacific Seaways, Markell personally expressed his gratitude to his Chilean partners for their business loyalty and unwavering support over the years. During his 2011 visit to Santiago he personally stressed to Chile’s President Pinera the importance of maintaining a consular presence in the Delaware Valley region.  For these and many other reasons, Governor Jack Markell personifies those qualities intrinsic to this prestigious recognition as the Friend of Chile.

“In the international marketplace, Governor Markell stands out as a political and business leader who understands the value of trade to his state and to the region and the most important role the Port of Wilmington plays in developing and sustaining these international partnerships,” said Francisco Labarca, managing director of Global Reefers NV. “Through this leadership and with the support of Delaware’s legislature, the governor has secured an unprecedented level of funding for Port