Legislative action on a new Pennsylvania transportation funding strategy remains a top priority for employers, workers and commuters throughout the Greater Philadelphia region.

Pennsylvania lawmakers have entered a new stage of discussions. Together with many stakeholders including Governor Tom Corbett, we are encouraged by the efforts of leaders in the Senate and House, both Republicans and Democrats, to work together to develop a comprehensive, adequate and sustainable new state transportation funding plan.

We hope you can join us and contact key lawmakers in our region. Their votes are vital to passage of a comprehensive, adequate, and sustainable transportation funding plan.

State lawmakers are closer than ever to an agreement on a workable plan and new investment strategy. The Pennsylvania Senate passed a $2.5 billion transportation funding plan by a vote of 45 to 5. Now, the House of Representatives must take up a measure.

Our region’s business community firmly believes that a strong transportation system is the lifeblood of a robust economy.  The time is right for significant investment in the state’s transportation infrastructure to address decades of insufficient funding, maintenance backlogs and necessary capital improvements.

Potential transit service reductionsnew weight restrictions on area bridges, deteriorating road conditions and increased congestion threaten our region’s mobility.  Investment is needed in all elements of Pennsylvania’s transportation network; our highways, bridges, transit systems, rails, ports and airports.