On the deadline to attempt an override of Mayor Nutter’s veto of mandatory sick leave legislation, City Council today did not try to override the Mayor’s veto.

Councilman Bill Greenlee, the legislation’s main sponsor, said he would not make the attempt because he lacked the necessary 12 votes to override the mayor’s veto of the bill.  The bill passed Council, 11-6, last month.

The six “No” votes on mandatory sick leave withstood strong pressure from supporters and proponents of imposing a paid sick leave requirement on employers in Philadelphia who employ more than five employees.  Those six “No” votes on Council are Councilmen Bill Green, Jim Kenney, Mark Squilla, David Oh, Brian O’Neill and Dennis O’Brien.

This is the second time proponents of paid sick leave failed to muster the necessary 12 votes to overturn the Mayor’s veto and make the bill law.  Councilman Greenlee, in a speech this morning, vowed to bring the legislation up again in the future.

The Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce, along with many other advocates representing employers and businesses in Philadelphia, consistently opposed the imposition by law of mandatory paid sick leave on city employers. Such a law will make Philadelphia less competitive with other regions and the suburbs, where businesses are not required to provide paid sick leave. The proposal comes at a time when the city continues to struggle with the effects of a sluggish economy and high unemployment.

“We all support wellness in the workplace, and we look forward to working with Councilman Greenlee on other proposals to make Philadelphia a healthier city in which to live and work,” said Robert C. Wonderling, the Chamber’s President and CEO, after today’s session. “But we could not and cannot support this bill, essentially an unfunded mandate on employers and businesses in Philadelphia.”