National Chamber Program Member ROI From Office Depot: The Power of Promotional Products

Consumers are exposed to thousands of advertisements every day. And they’re everywhere – on billboards, at bus stops, while flipping through television channels, even when checking email. How can you break through the sea of sameness and get your message heard? You can do it with promotional products! Here are some tips from the Copy & Print Depot™ team at Office Depot

By adding your organization’s name, logo or design to things people keep in their pockets, on their key chains, in their offices, or on their desks, you can greatly improve your chances of your message being seen and your name remembered. Not only will you stand out from the crowd, but the repeat exposure can help reinforce your message. Plus, promotional products are a great way to say thank you and express your appreciation to partners, employees, customers, etc.

Promotional products are constantly changing and expanding. There’s something for everyone, including:

Green items – Such as reusable totes and bags, drinkware, key rings, adhesive notes, pens and pencils.
Made in the USA – Bags, calendars, planners, drinkware, lanyards, desk accessories, housewares and more.
Low-cost options – There are thousands of inexpensive choices, many starting as low as $1 each (plus setup and delivery fees).
Clever & creative – Want something unique to help promote your business? How about flowers in a foldable vase with your logo, or a pizza cutter with discount coupons for a local pizzeria, or a travel water bowl for pets?
Tried & true – People often ask what the most popular promotional item is. Well, the answer is a pen and there are thousands of options to choose from. Whether it’s a roller pen or marker, sleek or thick, bamboo, plastic or metal, you can find just the right item. And keep in mind that you can never underestimate how often someone may need a USB flash drive, flashlight, window ice scraper or even a new t-shirt, hat, jacket or sports first aid kit!

Make Distribution and Special Events Easy

When selecting premiums, don’t forget to plan for quick ordering and distribution. Often, it’s an additional headache to ensure promotional items are sent to each location as needed. So look for a promotional products vendor with strong distribution and shipping capabilities.

If you need promotional products for grand openings or other special events, it may make sense to create a “kit” and store it at your vendor’s facility, along with stationery, signage and other products for the new location.

Savings and Satisfaction Add Up

Select a promotional products vendor with buying power to lower your costs. Then work with the vendor to develop an effective distribution program.  This approach not only can save you headaches, but it also can help you reduce overall costs.

You can request a free catalog of promotional products from Office Depot by contacting 800-929-4977

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