The Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce (GPCC) commends Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett’s proposal to increase transportation infrastructure funding as a good first step in addressing this critical issue.

The funding proposal put forward by Governor Corbett supports the recommendations of the Transportation Funding Advisory Commission (TFAC) which called for stable and predictable funding, system efficiency improvements, and new tools such as public-private partnerships to strengthen our transportation and transit systems across the state.

GPCC President and CEO Rob Wonderling, who served on the Governor’s Transportation Funding Advisory Commission, said “A strong transportation system is the lifeblood of a robust economy. Funding transportation investments is particularly important as the economy struggles to recover. Transportation funding creates jobs, leading to both construction and manufacturing jobs throughout the supply chain. If we are serious about putting more people to work, now is the time to act to take full advantage of the next construction cycle.”

Adding, “And robust transit networks, especially in Pittsburgh and Philadelphia, will help drive the metro regions that provide most of the Commonwealth’s economic activity. We look forward to working with the Administration and General Assembly to ensure that a comprehensive multimodal package has adequate funding for SEPTA and other transit systems across the state.”

The Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce is working with a broad coalition of stakeholders including the Allegheny Conference on Community Development, organized labor, and the Keystone Transportation Funding Coalition to advance a comprehensive, intermodal transportation funding bill that contains adequate investment in highways, bridges, transit, ports and airports.