All of us are being asked to do more with less. In your search for ways to do things more efficiently and cost effectively, an area that is often overlooked is printing. Although many organizations enjoy great relationships with their printers and are not looking to make a change, it always makes sense to continue to explore how you can maximize your time and minimize your costs.  Here are some tips from the Copy & Print Depot™ team at Office Depot® to help you do just that.

Save time

• Outsource manual tasks to increase your team’s efficiency, including: presentation and booklet printing, long-run copies, hole punching, finishing, assembly, etc.

• Send files to Office Depot via the upload service at, or drop them off in any store, whichever is more convenient.

• Organize all your print asset files in one place by using the Office Depot Online Print Center or File Cabinet.

Reduce print & storage costs

• Use the Print On Demand option from Office Depot to print only the quantity you need.

Optimize your pricing structure

• Negotiate a “per piece” price, regardless of order size.

• Bring printing jobs/quantities purchased from multiple locations under one umbrella

• Use the Office Depot Store Purchasing or Procurement cards for all purchases made at any of the 1,100 stores nationwide to receive your contract pricing.

Integrated billing

• Set up flexible billing options to fit your organization’s budget and payment process.

Delivery & distribution

• Take advantage of FREE delivery on qualifying orders of $50 or more within Office Depot’s many local delivery areas, excluding promotional products (Other restrictions apply. Visit for details.).

• Save time and shipping costs by setting up distribution through Office Depot’s warehouse and distribution network.

From choosing the right paper to determining the best distribution method, having fully-trained professionals available to help is critical.  You should always expect high-quality printed products that meet your business and budget requirements.  And remember, if your printing doesn’t look great, then it isn’t a bargain!

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