Revolution Recovery provides a complete range of recycling services and dumpster rentals to the construction, manufacturing, commercial and residential markets.  Their mission is to keep materials out of landfills while providing sustainable services at a cost less than traditional landfill disposal.

Avi Golen and Jon Wybar, co-founders of Revolution Recovery will be honored with the Young Entrepreneurs the Year award at the Chamber’s 30th annual Excellence Awards on Thursday, November 15. The award is sponsored by PIDC. You can register for the awards ceremony here.

We recently sat down with Avi and Jon to ask them about their company and the award.

What is Revolution Recovery’s role in the Greater Philadelphia business community?

We strive to help our clients and vendors become more sustainable, efficient and profitable by creating jobs, distributing information and increasing opportunities for individuals and businesses.

As a small business, how has your company built a name for itself?

We believe in customer service, integrity and ethics and trust that’s a key part of our success.

What are the benefits of operating a small business in the Greater Philadelphia region?

Philadelphia offers small businesses a vast infrastructure of manufacturers, suppliers, and professional services; access to the Northeast corridor and local shipping ports; a talented and skilled workforce; and a commitment to sustainability.

What does receiving the Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce’s Young Entrepreneurs of the Year award mean to you and your business?

It’s always good to be recognized for hard work.  The award gives our team and our clients some additional validation that we are collectively making an impact.

Why is it important for small businesses to be recognized?

Highlighting the work of small businesses is a reminder to everyone about the real contributions they make to the city.

Who would you nominate for an award next year? Why?

Anyone operating a small business in this tough economic climate deserves to be recognized; if you are putting in the hours and employing people in our city, you deserve a medal.

What advice do you have for other small businesses operating in the region?

Put in as much hard work as it takes to achieve your goals; if it was easy, anyone would do it.