Two hundred years of art, history, national progress and world-class wines are brought together in support and celebration of culture and commerce. The internationally revered Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts [PAFA] is the scene for this winning partnership where tradition and philanthropy work together making fine art and artists secure, for centuries to come. For their outstanding achievements, they are this year’s recipient of the Pablo Neruda Award from the Chilean & American Chamber of Commerce.

Located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the PAFA’s home is a remarkable Frank Furness masterwork housing an equally stunning collection of Fine Art, plus records of all the efforts that sustain mankind’s greatest treasures and the people who create them. The Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts is the nation’s first museum and school of fine arts.

As your eye marvels at the architectural masterpiece’s striking red and black brick of the highly ornamented exterior, to the gothic-arched grand stairhall, and the elevated gallery sending you toward the stars of the heavenly vaulted ceiling; you are enveloped by this touchable dream’s embrace. While the fabulous treasure house and paintings guide the viewer’s psyche to new heights, you’re also seeing the fruits of behind-the-scenes work by devoted art lovers and experts who nourish, support and secure the Academy’s current reality and its future.

Revitalizing the Academy became a major focus for Don Caldwell, who is also well known as the founder, chairman and chief executive officer of Cross Atlantic Capital Partners, Incorporated. Previously, he was the president of Atlantic Financial and Safeguard Scientifics. And while his MBA is from Harvard, perhaps it is his degree in science which guides much of our conversation on viticulture and benefitting future societies by strengthening the arts.

The Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts is one of the world’s cultural gems. Chartered in part by United States President Thomas Jefferson in 1805, it is both “the oldest school of fine arts and the oldest museum of fine art in the nation. Charles Willson Peale, Thomas Eakins, Mary Cassatt, Henry Tanner, Cecilia Beaux and Horace Pippin lead an amazing list of this nation’s most gifted artists, who taught or received their training at the Pennsylvania academy. It’s a school that has also graduated more of America’s great artists than any other school in the country and it has one of the three best American Art collections in the world.” Those are Don Caldwell’s words, serving in his dual-capacity as businessman and civic leader. He saw the school needed help reminding people just how great the Academy is and the huge role art plays in leading manki