Business people often join the boards of non-profit organizations in the spirit of giving back to the community.  Savvy leaders also realize that board service can reflect positively on their businesses and create goodwill among customers, employees and neighbors—which may lead to new business opportunities.

What sometimes gets overlooked is the role of board service as a strategy for managing talent and developing leaders.  In her book Leveraging Goodwill, Alice Korngold writes:

“People who serve on boards develop new skills by learning how to identify tough organizational challenges, assess strategic options, make the case for certain solutions, build consensus among volunteer board members (tougher than building support among people who work under you), and take responsibility for bringing about constructive changes.”

The Arts & Business Council of Greater Philadelphia (ABC), offers prospective new board members the training they need to succeed as volunteer leaders.  Since 1996, more than 500 business and legal professionals have graduated from Business On Board and joined the boards of nonprofit arts and culture organizations in our region. Participants learn the fundamentals of nonprofit governance and best practices in management and board-staff relations through classroom sessions.  Each participant is thoughtfully matched with an arts board to observe based on his or her interests and experience.  This combination of classroom and experiential learning, plus attention to personalized matching and board placement, makes Business On Board the region’s most comprehensive board training program.

ABC is accepting applications for the next Business On Board class, which begins in January 2013. Learn more or apply today

Current board members of arts and culture nonprofits are also invited to participate in Business On Board by attending the classroom sessions and sharing best practices with their board peers.  Apply as a current board member.

Questions?  Contact Business On Board Director Eileen Cunniffe at 215-790-3621 or

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