Meniscus Limited CEO Lois Trench-Hines is “excited by the new and unprecedented advances in science and technology—they’re creating terrific opportunities in health care communications.” Her company is celebrating 30 years as a leader in developing innovative and strategic communications among clinicians, scientists, and clients—those who develop therapeutic agents and diagnostics with growing focus on personalized medicine.

Even in today’s turbulent and uncertain economic climate, the company’s original principles of 1982 continue to drive its success: scientific rigor, quality commitment, and placement of scientists and clinicians as frontline contacts. As health care standards and regulations change, Meniscus Limited stays resilient with experienced leadership and fresh talent crossing science, health care, industry, creative, editorial, IT, and meeting and event planning. Trench-Hines emphasizes that “collaboration is more important than competitiveness. Skills must be blended in these budget-squeezed environments.”

The structure of Meniscus Limited has evolved to most flexibly and effectively deploy its resources toward meeting clients’ objectives. The company holds two subsidiaries: SciStrategy Communications, which focuses on initiatives that translate and disseminate preclinical and clinical trial research, and the Meniscus Educational Institute (MEI), a highly commended, triple-accredited provider of continuing education programs to physicians, nurses, pharmacists, and other health care practitioners.

Trench-Hines is convinced that “the strength of Meniscus Limited is still the people who work here—their experience, dedication, flexibility, and overall commitment.” SciStrategy Communications President, Kathleen McConnell, RPh, MBA, contributes strong, energetic leadership to all aspects of strategic communications initiatives, and MEI President Theresa Logan, CCMEP, brings enthusiasm and experience in continuing medical education. Megan Kennedy, MS, provides a global industry perspective and strong management experience in her role as Vice President, Operations, Meniscus Limited. Trench-Hines credits Coach George C. Hines, Vice President of the Corporation, with providing long-time support “as counselor and confidant to the CEO.”

About the future, Trench-Hines comments, “I have great confidence in the experience and vision of the current management team and all my colleagues at Meniscus Limited. We’re looking forward to another decade of growth and success.”