Submitted by: Gary Barnes, Senior Web Marketing Consultant, Blue Horseradish, LLC

If your company had the ability to quickly and easily connect and interact with your customers, prospects, colleagues, industry groups, friends and other industry experts, would that be useful?

If you could leverage the experience and expertise within your company to bring in new business, enhance the reputation of the company, provide better service and better understand your markets, would that be worth investing in?

If so, LinkedIn is the tool your company needs to learn more about and utilize more fully. At Blue Horseradish, we see many companies not taking advantage of LinkedIn. We wanted to address that problem by highlighting why LinkedIn needs to be part of your marketing efforts.  

There are two main ways LinkedIn can provide value and, third, a recent change which can provide an edge for your company:

  1. Lead Generation
  2. Online Reputation
  3. Inquiries via Company Profile, Products, Services listings

Lead Generation:

In over ten years as a web marketing consultant, I have never run into a company that does not need more business. Lead generation is a continuous process often based on relationships and credibility. Relationships with current and past customers, current and past colleagues, friends etc. help generate good referrals while demonstrating credibility helps develop leads from other channels.

LinkedIn fits perfectly within this paradigm. In fact, we have seen our customers receive highly qualified leads via LinkedIn referrals that convert at a higher rate compared to most other marketing initiatives.

 Online Reputation:

A company’s online reputation is vital in today’s business world. It starts with your website, but also includes the content and interaction on the various social media platforms like LinkedIn. As Amazon proved many years ago, companies who intelligently utilize customer feedback, provide a high level of service and constantly monitor their brand can realize great returns. Furthermore, companies that demonstrate genuine thought leadership within their industry can rise to the top. LinkedIn again can be well used for this – companies can manage their reputation while also demonstrating the industry expertise customers are looking for.   

New on LinkedIn – Products and Services Listings in Company Profile:

We all know change is the only constant for any company using the internet to find new business, maintain relationships and enhance their products or service offerings. One recent change in LinkedIn our customers are utilizing is the new feature allowing product or service information on a LinkedIn company profile page. In several cases, our customers are ahead of their competitors on this front. We see prospects searching for products and services on LinkedIn and those listings on the company profile can help your company get found for pertinent searches.

LinkedIn can greatly benefit your company and the time is now to take advantage of all it offers.

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