Submitted by: Kristen Smith, Event Resources Manager, Dex Digital

Many local businesses are content if their customers seem “generally satisfied” overall. Others aspire to something more — they seek customer satisfaction that inspires glowing thank you letters and recommendations

If you suspect that your customers aren’t quite feeling that kind of love for your business, you’ve probably got some work to do.

Here are eight things that will help customers find the love:

End the obstacle course
Find out when customers need (or will soon need) service or help – before they ask. Time your communication to arrive when the customer needs it and make it clear how they can get help when they need it.  Always include name and contact information. 

Avoid playing customer hot potato
The person who speaks to a customer first should “own” that customer for the duration of their visit. Avoid disrespecting a customer by passing them off to “someone who can better help them.”

Streamline your website
Many small business websites seem cobbled together. Commit to one look and message you want to send — and stick with that.

Fix (for real) the big issues bugging your customers
Millions of businesses ask their customers: “How can we improve?” But how many really listen and act on what they hear? Take action and make changes based on customer feedback.

Invest in customer loyalty
Customers have had it with loyalty programs that are too much work or offer skimpy benefits. Try offering customers something without them having to ask or pay extra for it.

Offer customers real choices
Don’t lure customers into the fake choice of letting them “opt out” of something. Let them know upfront that they can decide to get emails, offers or whatever from you. Provide a choice.

Make someone responsible
Call attention to your company’s passionate and persistent commitment to customer care. Be sure to reward employees publicly for exceptional customer care performance.

Put your money where your mouth is
Define specific customer care objectives that are right for your business, put resources behind them, and figure out how you will measure the results.

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