Submitted by: John A. Durso Jr., Manager, Beneficial Bank

Tom is an amazing guy.  He has a beautiful wife, three daughters and a son. He tries everything he can to bring in money to help support his family and send his kids to school.  The problem is that Tom has had a disease since birth and it has taken tolls on him, all of his life.  Now it’s finally taken one of his legs and his eye sight.  But that doesn’t stop Tom from raising money for charity though.  Nope.  He is always in high spirits and seeing the glass as half full. “Enjoy life while you can!” he always says.    

One day, Tom’s neighbor told him about Homers For Hope, and with a little prodding, Tom applied and they received a bit of relief as Homers For Hope paid their “cost of living” expenses for one month.  

Homers For Hope is a 100% volunteer driven, non-profit organization which hosts home run hitting contests where high school and adult hardball and softball players can compete and help raise money for families who have suffered a tragic event like Tom’s.  If you have ever been to a beef and beer for someone, they could possibly benefit from the assistance that Homers For Hope provides. 

The 2012 Championship event will be held at Campbell’s Field, the Home of the Camden Riversharks on Saturday June 9th, 2012. This is a free event for all attendees, there will be food and games for kids as well as the very entertaining home run derby tournament!  There will even be a surprise celebrity one-on-one home run derby!  But we can’t tell you who they are….shhh, it’s a secret!

One of the coolest things that Homers For Hope offers to its participants and business sponsors is the “Dan Baker Experience.”  Dan Baker, the Public Service Address Announcer for the Phillies and Eagles, and the voice of the Drexel Dragon’s men’s basketball program, has been announcing the names of the biggest athletes to come through Philadelphia for 40 years!  At the championship, Dan will announce the athletes as they come to bat, allow them to take a picture wearing the 2008 Phillies championship ring, and Dan will even record a voice mail message, or record their name being announced as a Philly or Eagle.

As an initiative to get student athletes involved, Homers For Hope will write a college recommendation letter to any college that a student is applying to. There are excellent sponsorship packages available for generous business owners who want to help the mission and advertise at the same time.

If you or your child would like to get involved with Homers for Hope as a sponsor, volunteer, or athlete, (and get that college recommendation letter for your high school student), then go to the website or contact me directly at