Submitted by: George Mach, President & CEO, Apex IT Group

Cloud Apps, Cloud Storage, Cloud Servers, Cloud Services, Public Cloud, Private Cloud, Hybrid Cloud, CLOUD, CLOUD, CLOUD! Has anyone had enough of the cloud talk yet?

Moving to the cloud is not always as simple as the marketing hype makes it out to be. Moving to the cloud is not always as low risk and less expensive than the alternative of technology sitting in your office or data center. It is a math problem, and having done the math many times, the equation doesn’t always add up.  There are payback periods, returns on investment, and intangible benefits of not having to deal with what is “in that room,” but small and midsized businesses are not always looking for a payback when managing cash flow or investment capital.  Often there is a perception or expectation among business owners that there will be minimal costs or perhaps no cost to support the cloud. That is not the reality when you move to the cloud.

Having built relationships with some of the top Cloud and IT Service Providers across the country and understanding their cloud strategies for delivering hosted services successfully to customers does not always come easy and without risk.

Most business and technology leaders are already moving certain technologies to the cloud which may make business sense and have immediate payback or return such as Hosted Microsoft® Exchange or certain web-based applications. However, that is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to building a cloud strategy for your business. One of the greatest impacts on the business is changing the way people work and collaborate. There are many considerations including access, security, training, set up and deletion of resources and cost control. It’s vitally important to do your homework before you move to the cloud by architecting a business case, developing a strategy, assessing your readiness to move to the cloud, and testing technologies to ensure that you understand all of the costs before, during and after a move to the cloud. So, before you abandon your capital investment in technology in your server rooms and data centers, know the facts to determine the full impact of moving your technology to the cloud.

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George Mach is the Founder of Apex IT Group and leads the Cloud Computing Strategy Initiatives for Apex IT Group