Since 1998, Mondre Energy has provided all facets of strategic energy planning, cost management, and procurement strategies for industry, education, government, and non-profit sectors.  MEI understands that sustained energy cost reduction requires achieving an optimal balance of energy, operational and financial performance. MEI is a woman-owned business bringing together an experienced and highly skilled team of experts in energy master planning and strategy development, energy analysis, engineering, information systems, technology, law, regulation, communications, and management, under the leadership of Judith Mondre, MEI’s founder and an award-winning pioneer in the field of energy conservation and cost control.

MEI has helped clients use less energy and save hundreds of millions of dollars in energy costs through a variety of strategies that include energy audits, energy efficiency recommendations, sustainability programs, new technology analysis, renewable energy options, utility billing and account reconciliation, and regulatory and policy expertise.  MEI and its staff have procured more than eight billion kWh of electricity—including green electricity—and 2000 dekatherms of natural gas for clients in multiple states.  These numbers are increasing all the time.

Mondre Energy is one of three consulting firms named by the Pennsylvania Utility Commission as members of a Statewide Evaluation Team to audit and evaluate the energy efficiency and conservation programs of the seven major electric distribution companies in Pennsylvania under Act 129.  In this role, Mondre Energy is helping to conduct independent evaluations of electric companies’ energy efficiency and conservation plans; and participating in the revision and upgrading of the State’s Technical Reference Manual, which is used to assess savings of different energy efficiency measures.

Based upon its extensive experience, Mondre Energy has developed a unique tool called the Mondre Energy Insight System©, a service that allows clients to fully understand their energy usage, and which forms the basis of sound decision making about energy use, procurement, and investment. 

Mondre Energy, Inc. has built a solid reputation for quality and service among a diverse client base, including many of the Philadelphia region’s major corporations, local governments, hospitals, colleges and universities, schools, arenas, and trade associations.   The company also serves clients across the United States.  With each, MEI works collaborat