As the premier advocate for the region’s business community, the Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce works to attract, retain and grow jobs for companies and residents of the region.

To foster this atmosphere, it is important that government policies enhance our competitiveness rather than handcuff job and wealth creation.  We believe that future job growth in our region will be driven by the for-profit and non-profit sectors, not from increased government payrolls.

In an effort to advance this agenda, the Chamber has developed a list of principles which we believe will foster job growth and competitiveness.  We will use these principles as a guide in reviewing legislative proposals at all levels of government.

Principles for Economic Competitiveness

  • Government rules and regulations should provide for safe and responsive business operations, but should not be onerous, costly, or out of context with competitive locations.  These regulations should be appropriate for the level of government enacting them (local, state, or Federal). Government must be conscious of the overall cost of doing business – taxes, fees, insurance, regulatory expense –so as to provide a competitive business environment.
  • The Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce will work with other organizations to advance an agenda leading to economic growth and prosperity.
  • Government at all levels must operate in an efficient way to maximize the services that it provides.
  • An educated workforce is key to the long term success of the business community and acts as a catalyst to attract and retain businesses in the region.  It is important for us to be active in a significant evaluation of the effectiveness and efficiency of public education as it applies to producing a quality education for students as well as a job ready workforce.
  • Our region should strive to provide efficient services with the lowest possible tax rates.  Taxes should be broad based and not target a particular industry segment and need to be shared equitably between business and citizens.
  • Infrastructure improvements (physical, intellectual and financial) are crucial for the competitive landscape of our region.
  • Quality of life issues impact both the business environment as well as serve as a positive factor in talent recruitment.  It is crucial that the business community support and grow the arts and culture and tourism sectors which are proven job creators for large portions of our population. We must also play a constructive, supportive role with government efforts to address public safety concerns.