Submitted by: David Levine, Executive Director, Delaware Valley Stroke Council

Founded in 1995, the mission of the Delaware Valley Stroke Council (DVSC) is to reduce the incidence and impact of stroke through heightened public awareness, continuing professional education, and legislative and patient advocacy. Over the years, the organization has continually expanded its programs to meet newly recognized needs, while establishing state and national constituencies in the process.

The organization takes a grassroots approach to the problem of stroke by involving everyone affected by the issue, bringing together patients, caregivers, friends and families, medical professionals and corporate partners like yourselves. The Council believes that only such a powerful coalition has the knowledge, strength and resources needed to address the myriad issues stroke creates on the medical, emotional, financial and physical levels, among others.

Even if you know the bad news about Stroke being the third leading cause of death in America, you should feel good about the good news: At 80% preventable, Stroke is the most preventable of all catastrophic medical conditions! And coming in next month’s issue, we’ll share some VERY good news about how you can easily put yourself in a position to help someone before they are overtaken by a stroke.

One other important thing to note about DVSC: This month (November 12) we mark our 16th anniversary with a “Stars for Stroke” Gala and Auction at the Hilton Philadelphia on City Avenue. This event will honor community members who have made a difference in promoting stroke care, including the aforementioned Toby Mazer, who’ll be receiving the organization’s Lifetime Achievement Award. We invite you to call our offices about joining us for a great evening, but if you’re unable to be there, we hope you’ll contact our Executive Director, David Levine, to learn about other ways you might choose to support the Delaware Valley Stroke Council.

In the meantime, if any of you have any questions about the DVSC or the “Stars for Stroke” Gala, please feel free to contact David at 215-772-9040 or at