Submitted by: Julie Fabsik-Swarts, Director of Development and Marketing, Educationworks

EducationWorks (EW) is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to enrich the lives of children, youth and families by providing educational programs and services in communities confronting high rates of poverty and other barriers to educational achievement.

EducationWorks has provided effective, comprehensive support to more than 200,000 disadvantaged children, youth and adults, helping them to succeed academically and give back to their communities.  With 100 staff and five hundred trained AmeriCorps members, EW works today to improve the lives of 15,000 students and their families annually.

The organization is headquartered in Lawrenceville, NJ, and its programs are located in public schools in Philadelphia and Chester as well as Trenton and Camden.

Most EW programs are provided before, during, and after school.  EducationWorks also runs summer camps for over 2,500 students and operates an Early Learning Center for infants and toddlers in its North Philadelphia location.

EW has a large number of programs and puts major emphasis on the arts, literacy, service learning, math, mentoring, conflict resolution, safety and discipline, college exploration and career development.

EducationWorks programs have many successes.  Highly truant students increase their school attendance by an average of 30 days per year.  Suspension rates drop.  Overwhelmingly, high school students deficient in basic skills pass their remedial courses and then the majority pass their standard English and math courses.  Students in danger of not being promoted or graduating high school get promoted and do graduate.  Teachers report their students who participate in EW programs improve in their classroom behavior.  Students report a change in their attitudes toward wanting to learn and putting forth their best efforts.

Students EW engaged in its programs have gone on to college, graduated, and become EW AmeriCorps members, often giving back in the same elementary, middle, and high schools that they once attended.  And EW AmeriCorps alums have gone on to be teachers, principals, community volunteers and leaders.

In 2010 EW began sharing its AmeriCorps member positions with other nonprofits so they too can benefit from this resource, strengthen their programs, and expand their reach.

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