The Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce (GPCC) applauds and supports the work of the Governor’s Transportation Funding Advisory Commission, and urges Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett and members of the General Assembly to act swiftly on the commission’s recommendations.  The commission presented its final report to the Governor’s office on August 1, 2011.

GPCC President and CEO Rob Wonderling, who served on the Governor’s Transportation Funding Advisory Commission, said “A safe and reliable transportation network is vital to a strong economy and provides a key competitive advantage for attracting and retaining businesses and growing jobs. This report lays out a responsible plan to address the challenges facing our highways, roads, bridges, and transit systems to improve mobility and ensure continued economic development.”

The Commission’s recommendations include concrete ideas to improve operational efficiency at PennDOT and other savings and revenue-generating options to address Pennsylvania’s $3.5 billion transportation funding deficit.  Some of the proposals include uncapping and increasing the Oil Company Franchise Tax, consolidating or privatizing some operations at PennDOT, and creating public private partnerships.

“This fall, we urge lawmakers to advance the recommendations of the Commission report and to support the level of funding necessary to provide for diligent and predictable maintenance and capital investment in Pennsylvania’s transportation infrastructure.  For our region and state to emerge from this economic downturn ready to compete on a global scale, our infrastructure needs cannot be ignored or delayed further,” said Mr. Wonderling.

The recommendations can be viewed online at http://www.tfac.p