Submitted by: Jeannette Rothman, Public Relations intern, Walnut Street Theatre

Walnut Street Theatre is best known in Philadelphia for its show stopping productions, including Les Misérables and Miss Saigon, but few know of the theatre’s commitment to the local community. The Walnut takes pride in sharing its productions with audiences inside America’s Oldest Theatre, as well as sending actors out into the community to perform in local schools through its Touring Outreach Company.

Dedicated to enhancing education, the Walnut’s Touring Outreach Company travels into schools across Philadelphia and the Delaware Valley to perform entertaining, socially relevant productions. Performing at over 250 schools a year, reaching more than 80,000 students annually, the Touring Outreach Company performs productions that are age appropriate for students in kindergarten through twelfth grade. The Walnut brings live theatre to students who have little or no exposure to the arts and performs theatre with pertinent social and educational topics such as diversity, going green, tolerance, and bullying.

The Walnut’s nationally recognized anti-bullying outreach productions address major issues surrounding bullying in schools today. The Walnut is proud to be the only theatre in the region offering a comprehensive, curriculum-based program focused on anti-bullying and conflict resolution.

These shows teach students how to identify bullying behavior among classmates and how to properly diffuse the situation. Through live theatre, students become aware of how their words affect others. By teaching what constitutes as bullying and suggesting ways to end it, the Touring Outreach Company helps open up a problem solving dialogue between peers and between students and faculty.

The Walnut’s Touring Outreach Company cultivates students’ understanding of artistic self-expression, enriches the community by bringing the arts back into schools and begins much needed issue-related conversations for students and faculty through live theatre.

To find out more about the Touring Outreach Company, visit the Walnut online at Businesses can help students experience the arts through live theatre by sponsoring a Touring Outreach Company production or a single performance. For more information, call Rob Weinstein at 215-574-3550 ext. 505.