Submitted by: Elise Fulton, Director of Sales and Marketing, Concorde Inc. and Philly Flu Shots

There are a few things in life that help you establish your business in a floundering economy.  There are also a few things that help separate your business from other companies that perform the same types of services as you do.  In my experience, they are called GPCC’s eBid Connect and Supplier Network. 

Supplier Network is an instructional series that helps small businesses define themselves as a company, and effectively teaches them best practices in order to collaborate with larger businesses.  eBid Connect is the stepping stone that offers the opportunity to work on contract and bidding opportunities.  Now, when this e-mail called eBid Connect from the Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce started showing up in my inbox, I must admit that it was initially overlooked; however, to my pleasant surprise, I read through the e-mail and discovered that its contents revealed lists of people that were offering contracts and bids.  These were lists of people that wanted to use my services and pay me to work with their business.  Needless to say, I now check them every day, scanning for opportunities that might apply to me.

My employer, Concorde Inc., has been operating from the ground up with CEO Steve Rosenzweig for more than 25 years; but it wasn’t always a medium-sized organization, and it didn’t always have the clearly defined services and capabilities within the market that it has now.  The information that Supplier Network provides to small businesses is not only important, but something that I would consider as necessary guidelines in order to operate a small business correctly and successfully. With all the kinks that come with trying to expand a smaller business, I’m proud to say that Concorde has grown from a small company that operated out of an apartment in Center City, to a full-blown corporation with 55+ employees.

Concorde Inc. is an employee screening services and occupational health company.  Our services range from substance abuse testing and background screening, all the way to immunizations through our Philly Flu Shots program.  Needless to say, Concorde offers a variety of unique services, with an even more unique client base.  Despite this factor, eBid connect has managed to direct us to a company that was requesting pre-employment physicals.  Concorde entered a bid for the contract, and won.  We are now operating a minimum 3-year contract that generates thousands of dollars annually for the company, all thanks to that little daily email that I had so unfairly passed off only several months ago. 

With these two important tools, offered through the Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce, no small business can afford to pass up these uniquely designed opportunities that can not only increase your monetary value, but continue to grow your business.