Submitted by: Rachel Perry, Trade Show & Events Administrator, EnerNOC, Inc.

One struggle that many energy decision makers face is how to get executive support for using web-based tools to manage energy. EnerNOC is an energy management firm that helps commercial, industrial and institutional organizations use energy more intelligently, pay less for it and generate cash flow that benefits the bottom line. In this issue, EnerNOC provides a few straightforward ways to approach conversations with the higher-ups and become an energy management champion within your organization.

Share your knowledge

Talk to energy management service providers, read through their websites, and ask them to send you relevant FAQs and customer case studies. Often, the facts you need to convince your managers are already there. Bring FAQs and customer testimonials to meetings and leave them with decision-makers so that they can read them over. You may also want to highlight, underline, or flag important quotes to make these materials even easier for your manager to scan. The quicker he or she grasps the value of managing energy, the sooner you can move the conversation forward.

Call for reinforcements

If you’re setting up a meeting to discuss new energy management strategies, you’ve probably got a great sense of the big picture in mind. But once you’re at the meeting table, you might be called to dig into the specifics. That’s where it’s helpful to have an expert advocate working alongside you. Ask the energy management representative you’re working with to join you in your call or meeting. He or she can help make your case and answer any questions your boss may raise.

Find a value analogy

Developing an energy management strategy is a change for many organizations, but change doesn’t have to be scary. Moving to web-based tools in order to improve efficiency is quite common. Chances are your organization has gone through several similar changes over the past few years. Think about how your organization manages customer data or patient information. Digital databases are replacing Rolodexes and filing cabinets. Has your organization also made the transition to web-based expense or timecard management tools? These services provide similar savings of time and money as a web-based energy management system can. Bring up these “value analogies” as examples to illustrate the benefits energy management solutions can provide for your organization.

For more opportunities to learn about energy management and how to become a champion within your organization, attend the EnergySMART 2011 Conference this September in Boston.