Yesterday, Philadelphia City Council made three decisions that sent a clear message to the businesses and residents of Philadelphia.

The message said if you’re a company looking to relocate or expand or a hard working shop keeper or start-up enterprise, the cost of living and doing business in Philadelphia has just gone up.

By passing mandated paid sick leave legislation, City Council voted to provide a level of employee benefit that simply does not exist in the cities and states we compete with. We urge Mayor Nutter to veto this bill.

City Council also voted to continue DROP, a costly benefit that does not exist for any other public or private sector employee in the country. DROP has been documented to cost Philadelphia taxpayers between $100 and $258 million each year.

Finally, City Council voted to raise property taxes for the second year in a row, further discouraging families and small businesses from living and working here.

The Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce, representing more than 4,000 members and tens of thousands of employees, applauds those in City Council who opposed these bills.

If Philadelphia is to attract, retain and grow jobs, we must start by lowering taxes and reducing the size of government if we are to truly compete in the 21st century.