The Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce has closely monitored and actively opposed the Mandatory Paid Sick Leave Bill, currently before Philadelphia City Council.

Bill 080474 would require employers with more than 10 employees to pay 9 sick days and those with 10 or fewer employees to pay 5 sick days per year.  As you may know, the Chamber testified in strong opposition to passage of the mandated paid sick leave bill.  Today, City Council passed a resolution that creates a suspension calendar for bills and resolutions for which no immediate action is sought.  We are encouraged to learn that sponsors of this legislation have since suspended the bill in order to consider more perspective, input, and dialogue. This leaves little doubt that Members of Council have heard your concerns in resounding fashion.  Through our advocacy messaging tool, this region’s business community has generated nearly one thousand emails to City Council opposing the measure.  We are pleased with the response thus far, but recognize that we cannot rest on those accomplishments.  If you haven’t already, please contact your councilmembers urging them to oppose this measure.

GPCC would also like to thank those who took a minute or two to complete our short survey on this very issue.  As some of the preliminary data comes in, it becomes increasingly clear the costs businesses will face under the proposal and business owners opinions on how they must react.  Sadly, respondents foresaw cutbacks in time-off and benefits, worker layoffs, or business relocation outside Philadelphia if the bill is passed.  If you haven’t taken our survey, please click here.

Lastly, in the coming days, the GPCC expects the results from a study measuring the economic impact of this bill, if enacted.  While this bill is well-intended, we feel the mandate creates competitive disadvantages between the city surrounding counties and unfair burden on struggling businesses.  We are very eager to see if the study will support our argument and will be sure to share its results with Philadelphia’s Councilmembers and business community.

Thank you for all your continued support and participation around this issue.