The Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce recognizes the economic challenges that were reflected in Mayor Nutter’s FY2012 budget and applaud the Mayor for his efforts to propose a responsible budget that includes government efficiencies, no new taxes or fees, and spending cuts.

“We were pleased that the Mayor and Council are working to address the issue of the current Business Privilege Tax and stand ready to assist in developing a system that addresses the inherent competitive challenges that business, particularly small business, face under the current system,” said Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Rob Wonderling. He added, “This step, along with the commitment to restarting the tax reductions will send a positive message to the business community.”

Mr. Wonderling continued, “We recognize that there will be much debate on these issues in City Hall. We look forward to working with the Mayor and members of City Council in the coming weeks to ensure that the budget promotes efficiency, job growth, and quantifiable savings as we begin to slowly climb out of a global recession.”