Submitted by: Daniel Carroll, Manager, Client Technology Services at MCS Management Services

Prevention of rampant discovery costs, haphazard procedures of locating important documents, and improperly stored information can easily be avoided.  The ineffective means of locating requested materials can usually be drilled down to one underlying component: the lack of a structured information management plan.

Yet, most companies wait to deploy knowledge management expertise within the confines of the organization until there’s a legal request against the said entity, or when an end user with enough clout has the misfortune of dealing with information loss or improper exposure. 

Proactively managing information on the front-end produces greater efficiency of delivering information for a discovery requests in a proper manner.  This inertia alleviates time-consuming efforts to produce unstructured information which could create legal holds.

Information mismanagement surrounding e-Discovery usually leads to redundant fees and piecemeal charges on a case-by-case basis.  Meanwhile, the effects of mismanagement on the organization’s end users could lead to poor customer support practices, redundant efforts and wasted resources to locate specific data.

In-House e-Discovery and information management expertise can not only reduce the dependency on outside vendors, but will assist organizations in the proper management, exchange and disposal of enterprise information. 

A fortified plan of managing information in the modern enterprise consists of document lifecycle management: the ability to know exactly where an important document is through its entire lifecycle from birth to disposal. 

At each stage of a document’s life, however, there are different users accessing the information: adding details, removing details, and change details.  These details are both visible within the content of the document and unseen within the context of its metadata.

Because of this, it is imperative for an organization to have the expertise of records management, document and content management and e-discovery at their fingertips.

Prevention: proper storage and retrieval of all information on the front end through effective means of content and records management.

Delivery: efficiently locating information on the back end when requests for discovery occur through litigation, or delivering information to end users.

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