Submitted by: Matt Hyde, Director of Business Development and Client Services, The TASA Group, Inc.

As we all know, this Christmas was difficult for many local families. But thanks to charities and businesses throughout the Philadelphia area, children of all ages woke up on Christmas morning with presents under the tree. 

This year, The TASA Group, Inc. sponsored six children through Manna on Main Street’s Adopt-a-Child program.  The children, evenly divided between boys and girls, ranged in age from 3 to 16.  Their requests were modest, to say the least, for the girls: clothes, dolls, books, toys, and music; and for the boys: clothes, football jerseys, Xbox games, and toys.  There was one request, from a four year-old girl, that could not be denied: a new pink bike. 

I am not sure who got more out the effort, the children or TASA’s employees.  Yes, the children had gifts under the tree on Christmas morning, and were able to play with their new toys, try on their new clothes, and listen to their new music.  But the employees at TASA, who donated time and money to the effort, seemed to have an extra bounce in their step, smile on their face, and sense of accomplishment from their work. 

On behalf of the entire TASA family, I would like to thank Manna on Main Street, and all the other local charities, for all that they do for those in need. 

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