Welcome!  I am Bryan Ramona, Technology Advisor for SecurElement Infrastructure Solutions, an award-winning provider of technology solutions for small & mid-sized business.  We are headquartered in the Great Valley Corporate Center in Malvern, PA, but work for clients throughout the tri-state area and across the nation.  My main responsibility is in business development, identifying prospects and developing high-level evaluations of a customer’s IT and telecom network technologies, finding how best to become their trusted technology partner.  I also am a published author on technology subjects for the SMB, and continue to work with clients I started with nearly 20 years ago!

I am a firm believer in the Ambassador Program, and am proud to have been selected by my peers in this added role.  My hope for this year is to see the Ambassadors be more visible, accessible and enthusiastic in our effort to make existing members as well as new members appreciate what their participation in the Chamber can do for them.

As most of you know, the Committee has an important, voluntary role in augmenting the GPCC staff and supporting their efforts to make new and existing members realize that their decision to join was a terrific one! We have a unique perspective in that we’ve already enjoyed the benefits, and are here because we are passionate about sharing them with others.  Just like we say at the Membership Orientations, being active and energetic will positively impact the experience of the member and their business. 

For my part, my experience as an Ambassador has been rewarding in so many ways.  I enjoy making the new networker comfortable at an event, and always look for an opportunity to introduce them to another attendee.  I try to find one that either looks like they are a bit shy, or if I know their line of business I try and hook up the two parties by compatibility or business need.  It is amazing that when you listen to people with attentiveness and awareness, you can easily nurture their first experience into a good and productive one!

I look forward to working with each and every GPCC member to make this Ambassador cycle the best ever!

Submitted by:

Bryan Ramona

Technology Advisor, SecurElement Infrastructure Solutions LLC

Vice Chair, Ambassador Program 2010-2011, Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce