The Committee of Seventy needs volunteers to help in its Voter Protection Program on May 18. Volunteers will spend Election Day visiting the polls and providing support for voters and election officers. The Voter Protection Program helps to solve issues that could prevent registered voters from voting and to collect data to improve future elections. It’s a great (nonpartisan) way to be right in the thick of the action. Click here to become a volunteer.

Field Volunteers: Nonpartisan field volunteers work in groups of two or three visiting polling places in specified parts of the city on Election Day. Field volunteers are the eyes and ears of the Voter Protection Program. They spend their shift traveling to different polling places, interviewing voters and election workers on their Election Day experiences. Their job is to inform voters, assist election workers and document pervasive polling place issues.

Hotline Volunteers: Hotline volunteers work in Seventy’s office on Election Day, answering calls from voters, poll officials and Seventy Volunteers. Hotline volunteers staff the 866-OUR-VOTE election protection hotline and help voters find their polling places, give basic assistance with Election Day rules, direct problems to the correct authorities and document problems that will be responded to by field teams.

When: Election Day, May 18th, 2010. The polls are open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. Volunteers have the choice of morning, afternoon or evening shifts (each shift runs about 4 1/2 hours).

Where: Volunteers can choose what part of the city they prefer to spend their shift. Seventy will do its best to accommodate all requests.

Training: All volunteers receive training before Election Day.

How: To register and sign up to volunteer visit the Volunteer Portal.