Submitted by: James Mergiotti, President, Peirce College

On February 4, I was honored on behalf of the College to host Rob Wonderling, President & CEO of the Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce, on his first visit to Peirce. After exchanging stories about our how we arrived in our current roles, the conversation quickly turned to business. It became readily apparent minutes into our discussion that higher education is a key element of Rob’s vision to expand the Chamber.

It was encouraging to hear that he clearly understands the importance of institutions like Peirce in workforce development that leads to regional job growth. His agenda has already led to his endorsement of more funding at the state level for colleges and universities in the Greater Philadelphia region.

Rob and I also spoke about how Peirce can become more engaged with the Chamber in the future. Knowing my goal to expand Peirce’s visibility in the business community, he invited me to join a small networking group he periodically convenes at the group’s next dinner in March.

The most intriguing aspect of our meeting, however, was a proposal Rob made to connect Peirce students (and possibly alumni) to the resources and networking capabilities that can be derived from Chamber membership. The Chamber, of course, could also potentially begin offering individual memberships and grow its base.
This is significant, as the concept could provide Peirce College, our students, and alumni with many advantages, including better opportunities for student career placement and advancement; and marketing of the College’s programs to Chamber members.

We agreed to the next step of getting a team of Peirce and Chamber representatives together to explore the feasibility of implementing the concept as a pilot by this coming summer.

Rob also took a tour of our facilities, and was impressed with the creative architecture and state-of-the-art classrooms. Aware that we are hosting a Marketing Roundtable for the Chamber in March, he shared that he was thinking of additional usage of Peirce