Submitted by: Jody Raines,

You may wonder how some Twitter users have thousands of followers and why your account hasn’t grown as quickly as you’d like.  Perhaps it is something you are doing?  Like any good Internet marketing strategist, I’ve analyzed what seems to work.  Just like SEO for your website to get high Google rankings, the way you position yourself in Social Media can have great impact on your ability to connect with an audience. 

In Twitter, there are three types of connections.  Followers are people who want to hear what you say, they “follow” your comments.  “Fans” are what you become when you follow someone, like a celebrity, regardless of whether they follow you back.  You can hear what they are saying, but they won’t hear what you say.  

The two way conversation takes place when you mutually follow each other.  We call that type of relationship “friends”.

I attended a networking event recently in the local Philly metro area. It wasn’t a fancy one, just a networking lunch.  While I was standing there chatting with a new acquaintance, a fellow comes up to the two of us and introduced himself by handing each of us his card.

Since we are at a networking event, I didn’t think that was odd.  He then launched into a monologue – sharing with us his company affiliation and what his company offers.   At the end of his breathless speech, he then asked for my card as well as the card of the gentleman I had been speaking with.  Taking our cards, he glanced at the titles.  Apparently the gentleman I has been speaking with initially represented more of a prospect.  I know this because the guy who interrupted us focused his attention on him and last I saw the two of them, the pushy guy was backing the other fellow into a corner.  

Shaking my head.  It’s a shame.  An otherwise great event for networking was now a place where voracious sales types would pounce on any victim.

What, you may ask, does this have to do with Social Media?

Social Media, mind you, is also a social activity. Just as I wouldn’t want to be pounced on by a predatory sales type at a networking event, I would not want to be preached at in any social networking forum by someone who just wants to sell me something.

I’ve seen an increase in salesy stuff on Linkedin that is very disheartening. I enjoyed Linkedin because it was clearly a business platform. When someone tries to sell me, I am totally turned off. And I don’t think I am alone.

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