Each week your Chamber is involved in a myriad of programs, events and meetings that are all devoted to advancing our mission to attract, retain and grow jobs for the citizens of Greater Philadelphia. This week, I decided to share with you from my perspective, some of what we are doing to advance free enterprise in our region.

The highlight of my day yesterday was to be part of our 27th Annual Excellence Awards celebration, which honored small businesses in our region.

We recognized a wide range of individuals and organizations that have worked long and hard to create jobs for folks in our City and Region. To see a list of all the winners, visit greaterphilachamber.com/sbea. You can also find stories behind all of our winners on our blog by clicking here.

My wife Kristin joined me for the event and on our way home we talked about how a small business success story can energize, uplift and instill a new sense of optimism

Over 400 attendees were energized last evening, and in part, I am very optimistic that our best days lie ahead.

And this concludes my “Journal from the Road”. This was just a snapshot of what your Chamber is doing to advance free enterprise in our Region.

– Rob Wonderling