Each week your Chamber is involved in a myriad of programs, events and meetings that are all devoted to advancing our mission to attract, retain and grow jobs for the citizens of Greater Philadelphia. This week, I decided to share with you from my perspective, some of what we are doing to advance free enterprise in our region.

I spent a portion of my day with several outstanding entrepreneurs. First, I learned how Zeiglers of Lansdale make their various cider products, and how they are building a national brand. Check out more on what they are doing at http://www.zeiglers.com/. In less than four hours, Art Balereit and his team can take a truck load of apples and make a whole lot of “preservative free” cider…and then have it on its way to a grocery store near you. Truly “just in time” and truly a company posed for growth in our region.

The next extraordinary entrepreneur I met with yesterday was Vinnie Bagdwal. He came to Pennsylvania from India about 10 years ago. He did not speak English and he and his young wife were expecting their first child. Vinnie has worked extremely hard – first as a convenience store cashier and than at a gas station. He caught the entrepreneurial spirit, took a risk, and eventually bought that gas station.

One hot summer day his station ran out of ice. He bought and bagged some by hand so he could serve his customers. He soon learned that other area gas stations were also running out of ice. He went on to hand bag more ice and began to serve these other stations as well. Now in less than five years he and his team serve our region at the Lansdale Ice Company. These guys are a big deal, supplying both large and small retail outlets.

These are just two great examples of Greater Philadelphia entrepreneurs who acted on their ideas

They also “network” at the Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce to help grow their businesses.

Ideas, Risk taking, creating jobs. This is the road to economic recovery.

Very Cool!

– Rob Wonderling