GPCC_Excellence Awards dinner @ Hyatt Regency_20091105 054 

Submitted by: Jesse Kramer, Finch Brands and MEDecision, Inc.

Hi, I’m Jesse Kramer, I chair the Small Business Excellence Awards. I even won one once. I have something to say to you.

I’m a brand builder – it’s what I do. Building a business and brand is easy. Just pick one of your passions, figure out who will pay you for it and figure out how you’ll sell it. The problem is, picking the passion, figuring out who will pay for it and figuring out how to sell it are the reasons that you – mister excuse – haven’t done it yet. Wanna be inspired by ten people that have? Come to next year’s Excellence Awards, where small businesses that removed the excuses are rewarded for their accomplishments.

Last week, more than 400 people came out to applaud some of my favorite small businesses for not taking no for an answer – accomplishing great things despite this whole economy fad. Don’t take my word for it, click for some real stories (warning, you might try to do something great after you read them).

So here comes the call to action… As an active participant in our region’s business community, I encourage you to get more involved, to network with us, to improve your business operations – and to nominate and celebrate great endeavors. Just do it (I just made that up, do you like it?).

Click here for pictures from the awards dinner.

Click here for nominations information for the next Excellence Awards Honoring the Region’s Small Businesses.