Submitted by Bethany Hogan, Communications Intern

The Committee of Seventy just came out with a report urging Mayor Nutter and other city leaders to unite behind a “long-term and aggressive transformation” of Philadelphia government. The report is titled “Tackling True Reform: Why Philadelphia Must Innovate” and is the latest in its series, “Roadmaps to Reform.”

As we’re coming out of the biggest recession since the Great Depression (which Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke said today is “very likely over”) and in wake of the state budget crisis, the nonprofit, nonpartisan organization says that Philadelphia has an opportunity to capitalize on its innovative mentality and come back stronger than ever. The Committee highlights Philadelphia’s location, historic standing, 5-year financial plan, and Nutter’s aggressive approach toward change as some of the city’s many attributes.

In his campaign, Mayor Nutter promised to “turn City Hall upside down;” perhaps now he now has the chance to do just that.

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