Brittney at workName: Brittney Ann Whitehead
Age: 17
High School: Chester High School 
Employer:  Burmans Pharmacy Inc.

Why did you get involved in WorkReady’s internship program?

I became involved with the program to show my independence and to hopefully network while broadening my horizon in future prospects.

What kind of work are you doing this summer? Who are you working with?

This summer I am working as a cashier. I am working with Burmans Pharmacy Inc.

What have you learned?

I have learned that no matter what I choose to study in college, whether it’s nursing or pharmacy, the best part of both fields is the fact that I am helping somebody. Everybody at Burmans is a crucial part of running a smooth operation necessary in possibly saving someones life. Even the cashier.

What are your future goals?

My future goals are going to college for nursing and becoming well known for my hard work and efforts I put forward in future endevors.

What would you tell a friend thinking about applying for a summer internship?

I would tell them to apply with an open mind. Trying new things may open more doors then they’ve ever dreamed possible.

What is your most memorable moment from this summer?

The most memorable moment from this summer was the fact that i had actually been selected, along with 17 other youth in Chester, to participate in this wonderful program. The economy is really tight so I wasn’t really planning on being chosen since there were numerous other applicants. I’m very greatful that they did choose me.

Brittney is one of 1,000 Philadelphia young people getting paid to work at local companies this summer .  For more information, click here.