Last month, Matthew Emmens, Chairman of Shire Pharmaceuticals, shared with members of the British American Business Council (www.babcgp.com) his insights on why it only takes one person with vision and creativity to change a company; how a stagnant and stifling company culture can be revitalized; how to apply creative thinking within an organization; and why unconventional thinkers should be sought out by employers.

Emmens reminded us the power of creative thinking, new ideas, and the ability of an ordinary person to act as the catalyst for change. He presented a very hopeful and engaging story that encourages us to, quoting from his book “Zenobia: The Curious Book of Business”, “Look for what could be, not just what is.”

Matthew Emmens is a legendary keynoter and advocate of progressive leadership models in the pharmaceutical industry (as profiled in Forbes magazine), and is CEO of Shire Pharmaceuticals with over 3000 employees in 15 countries and almost 1.6 billion dollars in revenue annually.