Submitted by Amy Shantz, Paliani Consulting

On the Move Thursday night couldn’t have been better timing. Fitting into the week right between the Phillies win Wednesday, and Friday’s celebratory parade, there was a fantastic turnout at Roy’s. How fitting we met at a Hawaiian- themed locale after our own “Flyin’ Hawaiian” Shane Victorino helped get the Phils the trophy.

Everyone was in great spirits, and it was great to see a large number of guests and first-time visitors present.

Joe Frick, always an engaging and relevant speaker, gave a very impressive talk on leadership. He discussed how leaders are individuals, and need to lead in their own way and style, and used Charlie Manuel’s management of the Phillies to drive his point home.

As we progress into the OTM season, the individuals that were strangers at the kick-off are no longer strangers. It is amazing on Thursdays to walk into a great location, and hear a great speaker, with a group of people that I am becoming to know quite well on a personal level. It makes it easy to quickly pick out guests, so that everyone that attends feels welcome and no one gets left by themselves in a corner. It also is nice to keep up with everyone because the more we understand about one another’s businesses, the more we can refer back and forth, which is the point of networking. Working for Paliani Consulting, promoting a program that increases communication and confidence in individuals, being in an environment weekly where people know, like, and interact freely with one another is really a privilege.