Submitted by Amy Modlin, New Business Development Marketing Representative, Spectrum – A Herman Miller Dealer

Last night’s On the Move event proved that networking is fun, with comedian Joe Conklin. The man of a thousand voices demonstrated himself to be a one man show. It was pretty incredible to listen to his many imitations of famous people. If I had closed my eyes I am almost certain that he could have fooled me into thinking that his characters were actually present. His quick witted comments and accurate imitates made it feel as though we were sitting in front of a TV changing channels. Not only is he a talented individual but his career is extremely impressive. It goes to show that if you are good and passionate at what you do, success will inevitably follow.

The networking reception following was held at another impressive venue, JL Sullivan’s. There was a great turnout especially on the night of the second World Series game. OTM has been an excellent opportunity to meet with the same group of people on a weekly basis. Not only have I been fortunate to meet some very interesting people and hear about their companies, but I in turn have had the opportunity to promote Spectrum, A Herman Miller Dealer. And lets be honest, isn’t it just as important to have an impressive office space to reflect your impressive career? I truly feel that these continuous networking opportunities allow for close relationships to develop and in turn create new business, which is ultimately everyone’s goal. The OTM events have been a very positive experience for me and I look forward to the many more to come!

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