I ran across this article today in the New York Times and found it quite interesting on several levels.  If you’re a small business owner thinking of starting a blog, it’s a must-read.  Also, although the Chamber is not exactly a small business, it touches on many of the reasons we started this blog–increased transparency and member engagement, for example.  I especially liked what Tony Stubblebine, the founder and chief executive of CrowdVine, had to say about his blog:

“I’m trying to create a community of help for small Internet businesses like mine. My blogging philosophy is like the open source model in software. It’s sort of a hippie concept. If I can help other people, it’s personally rewarding. And those people will likely pay it back in some ways.”

Blogging for the betterment of those around you–it’s a nice concept 🙂

Read the full article: Blogging’s a Low-Cost, High Return Marketing Tool (free registration required)